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  • Getting Rid of Fears & Phobias with Thought Field Therapy

What is Thought Field Therapy?


Thought Field Therapy is a unique mind-body therapy that capitalizes on the power of the body's energy system to relieve the emotional distress associated with most psychological problems.


According to psychologist, Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D., founder and developer of TFT, "Thought Field Therapy is the study of the structure of thought fields and the body's energy system as they pertain to the diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems."   According to TFT, neither a traumatic event nor the person's thoughts about that event are the fundamental cause of negative emotions. Instead, perturbations (disturbances) in the thought field contain active information, which triggers the neurological, chemical, hormonal, and cognitive changes in the person which result in the experience of negative emotions.  These perturbations exert their influence by causing imbalances in the body's energy system. This is the same energy system used in acupuncture but without the needles.


With TFT, permanent improvements (and oftentimes cures) occur almost immediately by working with this subtle energy meridian system, and without addressing the neural, chemical/hormonal, and cognitive subsystems.  This strongly supports the notion that the energy system is primary in the formation and treatment of negative emotions. Dr. Callahan's position is that all psychological transformation occurs at the energy level, although it may also be enhanced by changes in the subsystems.


A trained TFT practitioner is able to quickly diagnose which of the energy meridians are out of balance. Once diagnosed, the treatment involves having the client tap on certain locations on their body in a specific order, while focusing on the psychological problem. Mentally tuning into the problem is vital during both diagnosis and treatment.  The tapping, which occurs at the endpoints of different energy meridians, provides the additional energy needed to promote the healthy flow of electromagnetic energy throughout the system.


The treatment, which doesn't require any touching of the client, is usually completed within minutes, and renders the perturbations in the thought field inactive. Even in most complicated cases, treatment may take only a few sessions.  Clients are delighted to be relieved of their emotional problems so quickly, especially because the process is painless and long-lasting.


TFT is Quick and Effective

Although TFT doesn't work for every problem in every person, two recent studies have shown treatment success rates of well over 90% for a wide variety of psychological problems -- anxiety, panic, physical pain, fears of all types, simple and complex traumas, painful memories, grief, addictive urges, and depression, just to name a few.


On a deeper level, TFT challenges our concepts of human change and suffering. Almost everyone expects change to be painfully slow and inconsistent. Yet with TFT, change is non-linear and occurs in quantum leaps.  Moreover, the ease and effectiveness of TFT in promoting psychological freedom have profound implications for the understanding and treatment of emotional suffering.


As a therapist trained in several other treatment modalities, I find TFT to be compatible and easy to integrate with other approaches. The treatments are specific and powerful, and do not interfere with the goals of other therapies.

The Benefits of Thought Field Therapy


Thought Field Therapy is a branch of Energy Psychology that focuses on the body mechanics associated with its energy system. TFT has been found to have a 80% success rate with addictive habits, depression, anxiety, anger issues, self-esteem issues, PTSD and many other psychological distresses. It has also proven to be very effective in lessening physical pain. The therapy involves rhythmic tapping of a particular spot of the patient’s body in order to manipulate the flow of energy that all bodies possess. The technique works much like acupuncture without the use of needles. It is important to note that the clients tap on themselves while the therapist acts as a mirror demonstrating the appropriate tapping points.

How Does Thought Field Therapy Work?

There are 14 main body energy meridians; meridians being the pathways (or energy channels) in which the body’s energy (known as Chi/Qi) flows through to properly circulate throughout the body. This life energy must be evenly distributed throughout the body or the body will experience imbalances on a biochemical level. The energy becomes unevenly dispersed when a certain meridian becomes deprived of or blocked up with this energy. This energy is believed to be made up of coded information patterns, much like our DNA, and provide instructions for the mind and body to generate any emotional experience involved in any external stimulation or event. This is why we may feel as though we have similar feelings for very different occurrences. Through TFT the appropriate energy meridian is manipulated by tapping that area of the body in a particular sequence that is compatible with the energy algorithm, blocks associated with that meridian would be collapsed. While this does quell the negative emotional feelings involved in the event, it does not work like hypnosis, as the memory of the event will still last within the patient’s mind.


Why does Thought Field Therapy Work?

That last detail may have caused doubt among several scholars and patients alike. So the question is, is there an exact science involved to back these claims? We can attribute the validity of over 80% success rate among patients to the basics of quantum physics. In the world of quantum physics, the world exists as a bio-electrical or vibrational energy phenomenon. The basics of quantum physics states that our mass is equivalent to energy. Energy vibrates at varying frequencies that can actually be measured in Hertz. The key to understanding how this applies to emotions is the basic concept that the material world does not exist without consciousness, that is, quantum particles respond to the observer’s mind. This is also why we feel different feelings associated with different external stimulations compared to others. We essentially attract our own energy based on how we perceive. We can manipulate these waves of vibration emitted by these emotions by responding to their frequency with the Thought Field Therapy tapping technique. If you suffer from irrational fears, burdensome stress or guilt, depression, or life-altering addictions, it’s worth trying to take a different approach. The answer to the reason as to why you feel the way you feel consistently may lie in an imbalance of your life energy. When Thought Field Therapy is used in conjunction with traditional talk therapy the results are faster than when using talk therapy alone. Koritz Counseling & Coaching offers services based on the individual needs of the client.

Getting Rid of Fears and Phobias with Thought Field Therapy

For those of us that have never suffered a phobia, it can be hard to appreciate the devastating fear it can create. With a phobia, a person feels an extreme amount of anxiety and dread about a certain object, living being, place or scenario. In their minds, those with a phobia are likely to perceive the object of their phobia as posing inappropriate degrees of danger and respond accordingly. Frequently, the phobic trigger is almost always something quite harmless and ordinary. This is why the response can be so difficult to understand for people without the phobia. Merely thinking about the object of their fear is often enough for to trigger severe anxiety and panic.


After all, all of us have anxieties and dislikes, but it is when these anxieties start to interfere with day-to-day life that it tends to be called a phobia. If the object of their phobia is something they are not confronted with on a regular or daily basis, like flying, it may only have a minimal affect on their life. However, if it is something they must see or interact with often, it can drastically affect their quality of life.


There are two ‘main’ sorts of phobia, simple and complex phobias. Simple phobias are where a person has a direct fear of a certain object or being like frogs, spiders, lizards, clowns, flying or heights. Complex phobias have many different facets to them like agoraphobia, white coat phobia and social phobia. These can often be caused by deep-rooted beliefs about themselves and the world around them being more dangerous than it truly is. But, even these so-called deep rooted beliefs, will often respond quickly and easily to Thought Field Therapy, a tapping therapy that concentrates on a person’s energetic system and the negative energy stored there.


Phobias are surprisingly common and the majority of them are incredibly easy to resolve. Many phobias come from a traumatic event or incident that occurs in childhood that is surrounded by trauma and anxiety, and then expands into a deep-seated irrational fear. Most phobias ordinarily respond very quickly to the use of Thought Field Therapy because it works on the disturbance, where the root cause resides. Much like muscle memory, our nervous system remembers triggers and reactions from our past. I have worked with clients and students with a wide range of different complex fears and phobias and have found that when using the correct TFT sequence phobias and fears can quickly be eliminated, often in just one or two treatments. Do you or someone you love suffer from a fear or phobia? 

Adapted from an article by: John Plester, TFT-ADV, RCT, Thought Field Therapy News

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