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Perfect Harmony

Counseling and Coaching St. Louis

Identifying your 
passions & purpose

Explore my Three-Step Program

  • Gain Clarity - claim your path as who you are (vs. of who you’re trying to be)

  • Build Confidence - Activating your inner powers of Self, intuition & manifestation

  • Take Soul-Led Action - Creating your  life in alignment with your purpose,

                                                                                        passions and Self


Beth Koritz, LPC

Intuitive clarity coach
Licensed Professional Counselor
Author • Speaker

I support entrepreneurs, healers, coaches & individuals gain clarity and create the life they desire.

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Beth Koritz
Image by Antonino Visalli

Samm B

I can't believe how quickly I changed the way I saw myself. I am more comfortable in my skin than I've ever been!

Debbie G

Somewhere along the way, I got so caught up in the roles I was living I lost who I was as a person. Thank you for helping me find ME!

Yvette M

I'm finally living the life that I want to live instead of the life I thought I was supposed to live.  I can't wait to see what is next.

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