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beth koritz psychotherapy coach

About Beth Koritz, M.Ed., LPC, NCC 

St. Louis

After many years of living in the world of business and being a Life/Business Development Coach, I decided I wanted to do more to help people find their life's passions and achieve their goals and dreams. At the age of 48, I went back to school and earned my Masters Degree in Counseling. After graduating I went on to earn certifications in Trauma, Thought Field Therapy, and Body Positive Psychology.

I know first hand about how scary and overwhelming transitions can be! Sometimes just thinking about making a change in your life can stop you in your tracks. I get joy from helping people who find themselves in some stage of transition. Whether you are considering a change in your life, are in the midst of change, or are coming to terms with change, I can help you work through it.


Transformation comes from within. We are all energetic beings connected on some level, and life gives us the opportunity to increase awareness, expand and evolve.


My approach is holistic while being collaborative and person-centered in the broadest sense. You will see the most success when you have a strong rapport with your Therapist or Coach. By focusing on your natural strengths and passions in life, we can work together to achieve your goals.


Through a combination of therapeutic theories, coaching strategies and other tools, I help clients tap into their inner strength and personal power so that they can facilitate the growth and change needed to create a better life. You will be eliminating old habits while creating new ones. I enjoy working with clients who really want to feel better about themselves and their journey, improve their mood, better their relationships, or move forward from difficult times.





My therapeutic areas of expertise include:

• working through depression, anxiety, anger, panic, trauma, phobias,

• body image issues helping you eliminate old habits while creating new ones

• creating solutions and opportunities

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Thought Field Therapy (a tapping therapy),

   Body Positive Psychology, Solution-focused and Positive Psychology Therapies

My coaching areas of expertise include:

• working through roadblocks due to fears

• helping you find radical self-acceptance

• getting to know and like the authentic ‘you’

• creating solutions and opportunities

I'd be honored to work with you to help you

achieve your goals and take your life to the next level.


   Additional Certifications:

• Nationally Certified Counselor

• Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

• Thought Field Therapy -Dx

• Body Positive Psychology

Dial 314-266-8526 to schedule an appointment today!
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