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Hi, I am Beth Koritz

It's time to ditch the chaos,
and live your life with
calm, clarity & confidence.

Beth talking about the work she does with her clients.

I help entrepreneurs, healers, coaches & individuals gain clarity & create their soul-led, purpose-driven life and business. 

Live a life of authenticity that aligns with
who you are meant to be!

  • Intuitive Clarity Coach

  • Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Author - Speaker

who am I, women, coaching, counseling, St Louis

When we work
together you will:

  • Live in energetic alignment & excitement about the life you’re creating.

  • Build relationships based on authenticity & acceptance.

  • Become stronger, more confident, compassionate, peaceful, and feel at home in your body.

  • Quiet your critical inner voice & raise your intuitive voice.

  • Move forward without fears or limiting beliefs

  • Easily make choices based on what is best for you without fearing  ‘what will people think’.

  • Build & grow your business with integrity, purpose & passion.

1:1 Coaching Experience

Gain Clarity

Claim your path as who you truly are vs

who you're trying to be

Increase Confidence

Activate your inner powers 

Take Soul-Led Action

Create your life in alignment 

  • Take a personal inventory

  • Breakthrough limiting fears & beliefs 

  • Increase your self-awareness

  •  Self-acceptance & Self-love

  • Body acceptance and self-compassion

  • Boundaries

  • Releasing expectations of others & society

  • Communication  with yourself and others

  • Intuition & spiritual connections

  • Manifest


  • Take action with  intention

  • Identify your purpose & how you choose to express it

  • Create joy  and  passion

  • Set and reach goals

  • Live in certainty and gratitude

Image by Anete Lūsiņa

Schedule your


Clarity Call

We will explore  how to live in your authenticity while creating a  life that is aligned with who you are meant to be. At the end of the call you will have new insight and action steps to help you achieve your goals.

Things My Clients Say!

“I can't believe how quickly I changed the way I saw myself. I am more comfortable in my skin than I've ever been!”

- Samm B

"Somewhere along the way, I got so caught up in the roles I was living I lost who I was as a person. Thank you for helping me find ME!

- Debbie G

“I'm finally living the life that I want to live instead of the life I thought I was supposed to live.  I can't wait to see what is next.”

- Yvette M

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